Experimental Drums & Loops Series Added to New YouTube Channel

Not long ago, I created an artist YouTube channel for my various musical endeavors. I'd previously been hosting my music videos on the Unstarving Musician YouTube channel, but I recently decided that it was time to separate the two. So the Unstarving Musician channel is all about podcast episodes, and my artist channel (YouTube.com/@Robonzo) will have music releases, performance clips, and videos created in my home studio. 

This latest video was created in my home studio and is part of a series that I call Experimental Drums & Loops. It was performed on a djembe hand drum, whereas I performed prior videos on my drum kit. A somewhat odd thing about this video is that the instrumental loop is Turkish, but the djembe is of West African origin.

The series has been an attempt to play honestly, which for me means not too much rehearsal and no editing per se. I thought I'd play and shoot everything in one take, but that's been quite difficult. The typical outcome has been at least three takes. I'm not striving for perfection, so listen closely. You'll definitely hear imperfections. But a big part of life is imperfection, and this is my attempt to mirror life through my drumming.

Hope you enjoy!